Scavenger otter


Scavenger from a lost tribe. Afraid of the water after an incident in his past and won’t drink any unless pre-bottled or boiled. Many scars, especially on his hands and fingers, but fortunately hasn’t lost a piece of himself yet. Good with small guns and running away very fast. His best weapon is usually the last one he fixed or repaired. Experienced diver and swimmer, but is terrified of the open ocean of Lyx. As a side effect, he is very quiet and good at not being seen. No skill in magic, but has a horde of useful dodads he could use to get out of any situation.


Conspicuously not part of the established otter tribes. Not sure were he was born, lived in various enclaves until he was old enough to be out on his own. A scavenger and great with mechanics, but little creativity. Can fix any old-world item given enough time, but at a loss to create anything new with it. Most of what he does he does for money, but isn’t above altruism. However cold and distant he may seem on the outside, he ultimately doesn’t want to see anyone get hurt. He’s seen a lot of the hell and worst of what Lyx has become.


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