Tag: Tribes


  • Amkha Tribe

    The Amkha Tribe live in the northern forests of central Lyx. Composed mainly of wolves, they live in broken-down industrial parks and factories. They scavenge ruins for useful objects.

  • Ibbek Tribe

    The Ibbek is the general name of any number of nomadic hoofed mammals living in the central plains, desert, or wasteland areas in central and eastern Lyx. Usually shamanistic in belief and cryptic. [[File:598792 | class=media-item-align-center | …

  • Koa Tribe

    The Koa are a collection of secluded, small societies of birds living in the same northern forest range as the Amkha. Usually they do not associate much with the outside world but one or two clans maintain trade with the rest of the Lyxian social sphere …

  • Otter Mercantile Association

    The Association as it is called colloquially are a great number of smaller, affiliated clans that all have designated roles in a broad trade network near the west coastline. Families in the tribe have specific roles they fill, from scavenging broken …