Lyx Primer

The world is overrun by nature.

  • The seas have risen due to greenhouse effects, there are deserts where once there were plains and vice versa, large forested areas cover massive city sprawl.

Civilization “ended” about 500 years before CURRENT-DAY.
*Technology from previous eras still exists, albeit usually aged beyond any permanent usefulness.
*Lots of information (books, magazines, digital documents) from the old civ. Still exist in some capacity and are used by current-day denizens.
*Vehicles, tools, machines, etc from old civ are still used widely, but are much harder to maintain.
*Nobody has a definite answer as to why the world moved on. A combination of war, pestilence, and extraplanar incidents gradually brought the world to its knees.

Magic was stifled long ago, but has now returned.
*The old civ did not know magic. Current civ can now use it.
*Magic exists as a binding agent between worlds. When someone uses it, they are bending reality to their will.
*There are consequences for this, of course.

Beings from between worlds exist and influence reality in ways.
*The fabric between planes is malleable and can bend or break.

Mechanical beings exist, and are sentient.
*Most beings of this nature are from a single source.
*Some are self-replicating.
*Most are ancient.
*The ones who were not built on Lyx are from a different world altogether, and came to Lyx through a cataclysmic planar event.
*Some machines are ancient, mindless, destructive entities. Like wild animals with mechanical parts.

The world is dangerous.
*There are differences between sentient folk and semi-sentient, monstrous beings. Some can be reasoned with, most cannot.
*Machine kind differentiate between “hostile towards others” and “coexisting alongside civilization.”
*Certain factions are hostile towards one another. Certain races are by default xenophobic.
*The fabric between planes is weak in some places, and prone to erratic, dangerous effects.

Lyx Primer

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